You decide the focus

Becoming a member of the network allows you to take control of your own professional development. You decide the focus of your development activity and we’ll provide the support to help you share ideas, resources and approaches with other like-minded teachers.

Development that delivers impact

Participation in the network can bring real, tangible benefits – both for practitioners and providers alike. Watch the video above from one of our sister networks in East Anglia to see how getting involved could develop your practice.

We have designed our approach around Cambridge University’s INSPIRE framework, to deliver meaningful, long term impact:

  • Impactful – Have a real impact on enhancing student learning, not just teacher knowledge and behaviour.
  • Needs-based – Based on the genuine needs of the practitioner, learners and providers.
  • Sustained – Take a long-term approach, building a system that will last and lead to real change.
  • Peer-collaborative – Build in regular support and feedback from colleagues.
  • In-practice – Learn through applying ideas and techniques from the CPD programme in their own classrooms.
  • Reflective – Encourage teachers to reflect on what they are doing and why.
  • Evaluated – Set objectives and track and measure change against those objectives

Get Involved…

We’ve got free groups available covering a wide range of topics in convenient, local venues. It’s highly focussed, practical professional development.